10 Tips for Better Winter Hair

When cold weather hits, your hair needs protection, too. Whether you are enjoying the chill in the air while on a walk, ice skating on a dry sunny day, or curled up on the couch watching a holiday movie, how are you keeping your hair healthy? 

What Causes Hair Damage in Winter?

Between the cold air outside and the dryness from cranking your heat on inside the house, your hair can take a beating in winter. 

All these things can dry out your hair, cause annoying static, and lead to damage from tangles and split ends. Avoid that drama by following some basic advice to maintain moisture, prevent or minimize damage, and restore your hair.

But you can enjoy great hair, even in winter!

How Can I Protect My Hair in Winter?

Here are all the tips for combatting cold temperatures, hat-hair, wind, static, and dry indoor heat. 

1. Remember Your Hat

Whether you opt for a ski hat, beanie, or trapper hat, protecting your hair from harsh winter weather is always a good style choice. Worried about hat-hair? You’re right that certain fabrics cause friction which can lead to breakage. Avoid a messy hairdo and keep your hair safe by choosing a hat lined with silk or satin. 

2. Use Humidifiers in Your Home

It’s not just outdoor winter air that can damage your hair. Indoor air can become incredibly dry from your home heating system. Humidifiers can help bring the moisture levels back into the recommended minimum of 30 to 40 percent humidity. 

Did you know houseplants also help increase the humidity levels in your home? Another reason to keep adding to your indoor jungle.

3. Lock in Moisture with Deep Conditioner

Okay, so you’ve made your home more humid, but your hair washing routine may need some updating too! We recommend changing your wash frequency and hair product lineup for the colder months.

Stretch the time between shampoos as much as possible. If your hair is drier than normal, wait an additional day before you wash it to maintain moisture. Switch up your condition routine with some deep conditioners or leave-in conditioners to ward off static and tangles.

4. Simmer Holiday Cheer for Better Indoor Air

Want to make your hair look better and make your house smell amazing? Add orange slices, cinnamon sticks, cloves, and pine tree cuttings to a slow cooker or pot on the stovetop and simmer with the lid off. Similar to a humidifier, the steam will waft through your home, making it smell like a winter wonderland. Your hair will thank you.

5. Banish Split Ends

Many people have gone without regular haircuts this year, but consider getting a quick trim. Removing any split ends will prevent further fraying and damage. You are working so hard to protect your hair from damage and dryness — don’t let split ends detract from your winter style.

6. Avoid Overly Hot Showers

Steamy showers feel great after you’ve been sitting at a cold outdoor restaurant patio catching up with friends, but be mindful of your hair. Water that is too hot can strip your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and more prone to breakage. Try a cooler, but still warm shower and a final cooler rinse to close your hair cuticles for a shinier look that is less likely to tangle.

7. Embrace Braids

Bouncy curls may still be the most popular style this year, but consider more protective styles — like braids — for the colder months. You will be avoiding heat styling tools, which can rob your hair of moisture and lead to damage. Instead of the classic double french braid try double dutch braids for a more modern look. There are countless examples and tutorials of new braids to try.

8. Minimize Damage

You have an early morning outing and must wash your hair — but it’s freezing outside! While it’s best to avoid heat styling when it’s already so dry out, this is one exception. It’s better to blow dry your hair than to go out into the cold with wet hair. Don’t risk freezing your hair and it breaking off! It’s hard to believe, but it can happen. 

9. Nourish Your Hair

If you do end up using heat to style your locks, do yourself a favor and use protective styling products or a leave-in oil treatment. They will protect your hair from the heat and also lock in moisture so when you go outside, your hair will keep looking it’s best. 

10. Treat Yourself

Hair is bound to become a little damaged from the cold weather and dry air. Take some time for a relaxing and restorative hair mask to soften, hydrate, and boost shine to your hair. Applied weekly, these treatments improve your hair health.

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