Meet the Certified Hair Loss Specialist Event

Jan 19-21

You have the opportunity to meet internationally-certified hair loss specialist Jeff ElZenny. He will be on hand to share his personal struggle with hair loss and how finding the right solution changed his life. For a limited time, you can privately discuss your hair situation with Jeff and he will help you find a proven hair loss solution tailored to your needs! Don’t wait to find the best solution for your hair – act now because consultations with Jeff are limited and slots are filling fast!

Member and Hans Hairclub Employee​

Jan 19-21

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Member and Hans Hairclub Employee​

Why You Should Meet Jeff

When I was 19 and starting off in the electrical trade, I made an appointment to see a dermatologist about my hair loss. He recommended I visit a clinic that specializes in hair replacement. This turned out to be the best choice I’ve ever made for my hair, self esteem and ultimately, my life.

My passion for hair health and restoration began in 2007, when I started working at the same hair loss clinic where I got my hair back. I knew then that I needed to help others feel the same sense of confidence that I felt by getting my hair back. In just three years, I received my first trichology certificate, allowing me to identify, study, and treat all types of hair and scalp issues. Shortly after, I became a North American hair loss specialist to expand my scope in helping others as a proven trainer in the hair replacement industry.

Since then, I have received a second certificate in trichology by the world-renown group, IAT (International Association of Trichologists). My priority as a hair specialist is making sure you look great and feel comfortable with your personalized hair solution.

Let me help you understand your individual hair loss and present to you a personalized plan to get your hair and confidence back – Jeff ElZenny

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