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Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Artas Robotic hair transplantation is the latest advancement in FUE, which combines mathematical accuracy and robotic precision with a minimally invasive procedure.

Hans Wiemann’s Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is an outpatient procedure in which hair follicles are harvested and individually placed in thinning areas.

Hans Wiemann combines the advanced technology of robotic hair transplants with our experienced hair transplant surgeons to provide the most innovative hair transplant procedure available in the Midwest. We are also recognized by ARTAS® Robotics as a Center of Clinical Excellence.

Advantages of ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Transplant​

How Do ARTAS™ Robotic Hair Transplants Work?

Hair transplants consist of moving donor hair follicle groupings, called follicular units, from healthy parts of the scalp and transplanting them to areas of thinning or hair loss.

The ARTAS™ hair restoration process mechanizes the extraction of these follicular units, allowing scientific precision without an incision. ARTAS robotic hair transplant technology uses high-resolution digital imaging to visualize the patient’s scalp surface and determine the density and distribution of each follicular unit.

The ARTAS hair transplant system uses mathematical algorithms to guide its harvesting of follicular units in a minimally invasive way. It maps the coordinates, angle, orientation and direction for each individual follicular unit, increasing the accuracy of the extraction.

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