Scalp’s Role in Hair Growth ​

Hair loss can sometimes cause embarrassment and other negative emotions when a person is uncomfortable with the loss of their once healthy head of hair. This can sometimes be difficult to deal with, and there are many options for hair restoration, but it is always important to understand more about why hair loss is occurring, and how one can maintain a healthy, happy head of hair.

Many similarities between the health of hair and the health of plants make the scalp and topsoil analogous. This is because the health and quality of the topsoil will directly affect the health and quality of the growing seed, just as the health of the scalp will affect hair growth. The scalp itself is a slight variant of normal skin because it has an epidermis, a dermis, and the addition of a large concentration of large, terminal hair follicles. The growth cycle of the hair follicle itself can easily be altered by hormones, medications, diet, medical illnesses and other conditions. It would appear that the overall health of the scalp can also significantly alter the hair follicles growth. Good nutrition, resulting in a healthy scalp, can affect hair growth, and hair shaft thickness.

More importantly for people seeking hair restoration processes, the health of the scalp can severely impact the survival and growth of normal and transplanted follicular units. As more research is conducted concerning the dermal papillae and the follicular bulge, it is becoming apparent that the scalp and adjacent fatty tissue have a significant role in healthy normal hair growth. Transplanted follicles have been seen to grow better in healthy scalp skin than in unhealthy skin or scarred areas. This means a hair transplants are more likely to be successful in those with a healthy scalp.

There are other options for hair restoration besides transplants, however. At Hans Wiemann, we offer many hair restoration solutions for both men and women.

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