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Hans Hair Systems

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If you’re suffering from more severe or even moderate hair loss and are looking for natural results to make you feel like “you” again, Hans hair systems may be the right solution for you.

What is a Hair System?

Toupees and hairpieces are things of the past. A hair system features today’s cutting-edge technology to give you a natural hairline and the thickness you’ve been searching for.

The base options are light and breathable, some with ultra-thin transparent materials, making the hair systems virtually undetectable to the human eye. Our expert stylists will customize the hair system to fit your style and preferences.

Hans Wiemann believes that everyone should feel good about themselves and confident in their appearance. If you miss your hair, Hans can help you get your old look back.

Learn more about hair systems for men and hair systems for women.

Hair Systems Features

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Hair System Benefits:

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