Micro Point

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MicroPoint is the latest hair restoration technology, offered by the hair loss specialists at Hans.

Before & After MicroPoint
Before & After MicroPoint
MicroPoint Process
MicroPoint Process

What is MicroPoint?

MicroPoint uses individual hairs that are then tied onto the bottom of your existing natural hair by one of our specialists. You’ll be amazed how quickly the experts at Hans tie between 600 and 1200 strands, providing you with instant results. With the same characteristics of human hair, but 4x lighter, MicroPoint gives you the look and feel of fuller, thicker hair — without surgery. Running your hand through your hair, there’s no way to tell which is your hair and which came from Hans!

The MicroPoint Difference

If you’re ready to talk with a Hans hair loss specialist about if MicroPoint is right for you, we’re here.

Why Try MircoPoint?

Micro Point

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