The Ludwig Classification

Hair loss can range anywhere from being a minor annoyance to something that causes great distress in one’s life. When struggling with this, it’s important to know more about the science of hair loss and the options available to treat it. Hair loss may commonly be associated with men, but at least 55% of women experience some degree of hair loss throughout their lives, so learning more about hair loss in women and hair restoration for women is necessary. To help professionals diagnose and treat hair loss problems in women, specialists use something referred to as the Ludwig Classification.

This system of classification separates androgenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness) in different stages, which is the Ludwig Scale. Type I is when the hair loss is only a minor inconvenience and the loss has been slight. This means it may not even be a noticeable loss, only affecting the top of the scalp and not leaving noticeable differences near the hairline. Type II is a moderate phase of hair loss. This is when any of the following are noticed: shedding, thinning, decrease of volume, widening center part. At this stage, transplants are a practicable option depending on how severe the loss is. Finally, type III is the most severe loss classification. Essentially, the scalp may start becoming completely visible in this stage because the hair has thinned so severely that it no longer covers it.

Once specialists are able to use the scale to determine the severity of the hair loss, it helps both them and patients better understand the factors that go into diagnosing hair loss and possible treatment options for women. These factors typically include determining the amount of hair loss that has already happened, which is aided by the Ludwig Scale. Then, it’s important to use this information to try to figure out the prospective future hair loss and determine the best course of action, be it regular treatments or a transplant.

With the help of the Ludwig Classification system, certified professionals can help determine your best course of action when you’re dealing with female hair loss. At Hans Wiemann, our team of professionals can help determine which of our methods of hair restoration for women will be right for you.

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