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You’re ready to do something about your thinning hair, but you don’t want the solution to be obvious. Hans has something for you: Restorink.

What Is Restorink?

RestorInk is a safe and fast non-surgical technique that blends seamlessly with your existing hair to create the illusion of denser hair. By applying natural pigments to your scalp’s epiderm with a micro-fine needle, our hair loss experts create thousands of tiny impressions that give the appearance of real hair. Pair RestorInk with a Hans Hair System for even more dramatic results.

The ink naturally softens over time, so you don’t need to make a lifetime commitment. Most clients only need 1 to 2 sessions of RestorInk to build it up to the desired level. There is no maintenance — just natural-looking hair. You’ll leave Hans Wiemann with instant results, starting at just $25 per month.

Who can benefit from RestorInk

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RestorInk Benefits:

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