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You’re looking for hair loss results now — but want lasting restoration as well. That’s where BioGraft comes in.

What is BioGraft?

BioGraft combines the power of Hans hair transplants (either FUE or FUT) and a Hans hair system. By using both these surgical and non-surgical techniques, you’ll experience short- and long-term results that are highly customizable and natural.

A hair transplant will either be the ARTAS robotic technique (FUE) or the traditional strip method (FUT), either of which restores your hairline and fills in your thinning areas. Meanwhile, the Hans hair system instantly gives you fuller, thicker strength as its customized to your preferred look and style.

This “two is better than one” approach is BioGraft’s secret weapon, and will completely transform your look and boost your confidence.

The BioGraft Difference

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Why Try BioGraft?

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