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Discovering the science behind the magic

We’ve all seen them.  Miraculous “before” and “after” photos of people who experience hair loss and undergo some mysterious, magical treatment that results in a full, lush head of hair again. But what happens in between those photos? It can’t be as easy as a snap of the fingers like those pictures suggest! Well, it’s not (although the magic feels as real as the results). When you have legal trouble that requires expert attention, you see a lawyer. Tax questions? You consult an accountant.  And when you want real, lasting, and professional help with hair loss, you see the specialists at Hans Wiemann. To achieve those spectacular, magical “after” results, it all starts with a consultation. 

There isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for hair loss. For as many possible reasons why you are losing your hair, there are equally as many ways to address it. A consultation is crucial to understand your unique situation and your very personal circumstances. Hair loss is difficult, and it can be challenging to discuss. But when you are in the company of people who have the passion and experience to help you, talking about it can actually feel like a big weight is being lifted. In discussing, your insights are what gets the ball rolling — your history, lifestyle, and what you would like in terms of solutions. A consultation achieves a level of comfort and understanding that you would not otherwise be able to acquire.

We don’t just talk — we test. Along with specialized education and training, the team at Hans Wiemann also has tools and equipment specifically designed to provide better insights into your situation. We conduct a comprehensive hair and scalp analysis as part of the consultation. We explain everything we are doing as it happens, so you are an active participant in our diagnostic process. (Many folks are quite fascinated by the process!) Hans wants to cover all of the bases and be as informed and aware of your unique situation as possible. Gathering all of this valuable data creates the foundation for our ‘magic.’ Or, more simply, it’s the hat out from which we pull the rabbit. 

The magic is in the treatment. The rabbit, of course, is the solution to your hair loss. You would be surprised to know that many people aren’t even aware of the different available treatments. The best solution for you may not even be something you thought or knew! It may involve surgery or might be a non-surgical procedure. It could be a topical solution or incorporate some other form of hair therapy. Perhaps a combination of solutions is required! We cannot know the ideal treatment for you until we know you and your hair. So, come and see us for a consultation. It’s your turn to look forward to an “after” photo.

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