My Hair Is Thinning — What Do I Do?

So you didn’t necessarily get the “thick locks” gene. Or maybe it’s only recently starting to thin out. 

Whether it’s been a lifelong struggle or a recent occurrence, noticing your hair beginning to thin can cause stress and frustration for many people. 

Who is Affected by Hair Loss?

Hair loss can affect anyone — no matter your age or gender — though typically it’s more common in men. Up to 85 percent of men will experience some kind of balding or thinning before they’re 50. This is most often due to male pattern baldness, which is hereditary, and often begins with a receding hairline starting at the temples or crown. 

For females, approximately 40 percent will experience some type of hair loss by age 40. Typically women experience hair loss due to their genetics, though it’s not uncommon for it to occur due to post-partum or stress.

What Can I Do About My Hair Loss?

Don’t panic! There are many steps you can take to get your hair loss under control or learn about your options.

Talk to Your Doctor

The first step is a simple call or trip to visit your doctor. He or she can talk to you more about your issues and run tests that may rule out underlying causes, like nutrition imbalance, hormonal issues or autoimmune disorders. 

In addition, your doctor may find that you’re simply not getting enough vitamins or minerals, in which case the solution may be to start taking supplements, like vitamin D or iron.

Practice a Healthier Lifestyle

Even if your doctor does not find an underlying health condition that may be affecting your hair growth, there are many other elements of your lifestyle that could cause hair loss.

Try adding in more fruits and vegetables to your diet and limiting food that’s high in sugar and fat. In addition, make sure you’re staying hydrated, getting ample sleep each night and exercising regularly. While there are many reasons for hair loss, sometimes it’s as simple as making sure your body is as healthy as it can be.

Wear Different Hairstyles

For individuals with longer hair, certain hairstyles can actually be making your hair health worse. Pulling your hair back into a tight ponytail, bun or braid can cause breakage. Instead, choose to wear looser hairstyles to give your hair and scalp a chance to breathe.

Treat Your Scalp Well

If your scalp is in poor health, there’s a good chance it’s affecting your hair. By using products that exfoliate and cleanse your scalp, you can remove build-up from products and stimulate growth. Hans has the perfect at-home solutions for your skin and hair type.

Discuss More Targeted Hair Loss Solutions

If your hair is still thinning despite having the above elements in check, it may be time for a more specialized approach, like the ones offered at Hans Wiemann. Our hair loss experts will talk with you to better understand your situation and customize a hair restoration program that meets your needs. 

Whether you proceed with a non-surgical solution — like RestorInk — a surgical technique — such as ARTAS hair transplant — or a combination of both, we can help you target your thinning hair and get you back to feeling like yourself. 

Have questions? The hair loss specialists at Hans Wiemann are here to help. We offer top-of-the-line hair loss solutions in St. Louis and can help you, no matter your concern. 
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