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Our Consultation Process

At Hans, we understand that hair loss is a very personal experience. Many clients come in feeling embarrassed or nervous. Our hair loss specialists are here to quell your anxieties and discover a treatment plan that’s personalized to your unique situation.

When you come to Hans for your first consultation, we’ll go through a three-step process.



Talk about your hair loss

Our hair loss specialist will begin by asking you questions about your hair loss and history.

  • When did you start losing your hair?
  • Did your parents or grandparents deal with hair loss or thinning?
  • What are your biggest concerns related to your hair loss?
We will also give an overview of the various solutions we offer to learn if you have preferences (for example, surgical vs. non-surgical, time commitment, etc.).



Conduct a hair and scalp analysis

Next, we will go down to our treatment center to conduct a hair and scalp analysis. We will use a special microscope with 50x magnification to look at the hair follicles and the health of your scalp.

Starting at the front and then working our way backward, we will take images and explain what we’re seeing. We will continue to take these images every three months to track your progress once you begin your treatment.



Develop a personalized treatment plan​

Hans Customized Treatment Plan

Based on our initial conversation and the hair and scalp analysis, our hair loss specialists will formulate a treatment plan that’s fit for you. As the largest hair loss facility in the region, Hans Wiemann offers all solutions under one roof. Whether surgery — such as RestorInk or PRP — is right for you, or you’ll wear a hair system, or begin laser treatments, you’ll likely have a combination of treatments to combat your specific hair loss issues and achieve your goals.

After Your Session

Typically, we like to have clients commit to 12-month hair loss treatment programs, but many stay on for much longer. During this time we’ll continuously see you for consultations, measure your results, listen to any concerns and answer questions you may have along the way.

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