What Happens at a Hans Wiemann Consultation?

Have you ever felt nervous going to see a doctor? We’ve all been there and had that same feeling. At Hans Wiemann your first visit will be far from any terrifying doctors visit; your first visit will be the beginning of a journey back to a healthy scalp and head of hair.

The journey begins with a private and complimentary consultation. You will be seated in a room, as if you were at home, and will be accompanied by a hair restoration specialist. The specialist will ask you questions, such as “How long have you been experiencing hair loss and tell us how it originated?” etc., to understand your condition. All of your answers will be kept confidential between you and the specialist.

Next, the specialist will also give you a hair and scalp analysis. This procedure involves using a 3-D camera that closely examines your scalp to indicate its health. You will be able to see, on a screen, what areas of your scalp are affected. The specialist will then describe, based on your needs, the best procedure(s) we offer that can help restore your hair. The recommended procedures are based on your hair and scalp analysis as well as the desired result you look to achieve.

Check out what some of our clients have said about their consultation experience:

“This is more personal. You’re one-on-one with your stylist. I kind of like this atmosphere because some people may be apprehensive for others to see what’s going on behind the scenes.” -Karen, Brio® client

“The technicians that I have worked with over time are true professionals. They are good at what they do. They know the kinds of problems that clients are having and they know how to address their personal needs.”- Chris, Laser Hair Therapy client

“It started with a consultation and the specialist was there to answer all my questions. I really appreciated their personal touch.” – Morgan, ARTAS® client

Hans Wiemann is committed to regrow or replace your hair and give you the best results. The goal is to help you feel great again, internally and externally. We personally know the experience of struggling with hair loss and we want to showcase the many available options for hair restoration.  With over 50 years in the hair industry, we provide every proven solution to restore your hair.

Stop waiting and schedule your free and private consultation today! Your future with hair is more than possible, it’s right at your fingertips. Visit us at www.HansWiemann.com or call 1-888-608-1233 to learn more!

Disclaimer: As with all procedures, results may vary.  Whether or not these procedures will have the intended results will be determined in your private evaluation with your hair loss consultant.

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