Hair Replacement Worked for Althea!


Meet Althea, one of many women who has been affected by hair loss. Over time, she lost more and more hair and felt like she didn’t know what to do. Althea had heard of hair restoration, but admittedly had concerns. She wondered, “Could it work for African American hair?”

After meeting with a hair restoration specialist for her free consultation, Althea discovered that there were many options for women like her, including non-surgical hair replacement. Systems like Brio®, available exclusively at Hans Wiemann, offer amazingly natural appearing results without surgery. Hair replacement systems are also very versatile, with the ability to be styled, cut and colored to the client’s preferences.

“The first time I got fitted, they were able to cut it in a style that was really complimentary to my face and with anything I asked them to do …I was just astonished, and people now compliment me all the time.”

Althea no longer has to worry about feeling self-conscious about her hair loss or wearing ill fitting wigs. She found a hair restoration solution that worked for her. Take it from Althea – ” I love my hair!”

For Althea’s full story, watch her video here. To learn more about non-surgical hair replacement options like Brio® or Laser Hair Therapy, visit www.HansHairLoss.com. For personalized care and answers to your questions, call (888) 608-1233 to schedule a Free Hair & Scalp Analysis at Hans Wiemann.

Disclaimer: As with all procedures, results may vary.  Whether or not these procedures will have the intended results will be determined in your private evaluation with your hair loss consultant.

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