Winter Hair Care

woman with snowy hairOne of the best ways to combat hair loss is by ensuring you keep your head and hair happy and healthy. During the winter, however, the dropping temperature and dry air makes hair more susceptible to drying out, falling out, and breaking. That makes it even more important to think about the health of your hair during the winter. In a previous blog, we discussed some things you could do in order to keep your hair healthy when it gets cold out, and we’re back with a few more.

Keep Your Head & Hair Hydrated
One of the best ways to keep your hair looking nice is to ensure you’re healthy inside, too. Being dehydrated will cause your hair to suffer the consequences, so be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Using shampoos and conditioners that help moisturize is another way you can keep your hair replenished.

Get Regular Trims
No matter how long your hair is, or how well you’re taking care of it, winter weather will dry the ends of your hair and make them more brittle. Regularly trimming the ends of your hair will keep it healthy and prevent annoying split ends.

Avoid Very Hot Water
When it’s very cold out, we all have the tendency to crank up the temperature of our shower to compensate for the frigid air. However, hot water can dry out your hair even more, damaging your scalp and follicles. Stick to cooler temperatures (but not too cold) to maintain your hair’s health.

If you take our advice and are vigilant when it comes to maintaining your hair’s health, you and your hair should last the winter months. If you do find yourself experiencing more abnormal hair loss during the winter, and are in need of hair restoration for women or men, contact the professionals at HansWiemann.com, your trusted resource for hair restoration and solutions.

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