Proven African American Hair Restoration Services

Janet After closeDiscovering African American hair restoration services is hard, as many restoration facilities do not cater to ethnic hair loss. Hans Wiemann, your source for hair restoration services in St. Louis, Missouri, in the first and only facility in the country to provide proven solutions. You no longer have to deal with thinning and damaged hair caused by relaxers, perms, weaves, and braiding! We are here to help you. When you come to us, we provide a wide array of options for your needs. Our team provides Brio hair systems for women that can be styled in any way you choose. Additionally, you can choose our three-step treatment service that features scalp stimulation, an Alpha laser treatment, and pharmaceutical-grade products from Gen-Tecs that you won’t find from other businesses. If these services are not right for you, you can choose our ARTAS hair transplant services. This robotic hair transplant service is a permanent solution that is minimally invasive, does not create linear scars, and has a short recovery time. When you are seeking African American hair restoration services, you can sign up for our free hair and scalp analysis. This consultation will give you the info we need to help you find the right course of action. Call us at (314) 721-6657 to learn more about our services.

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Our team of specialists can help you restore your fine or thinning hair by providing treatments that target your specific scalp conditions and damaged hair. Please provide your contact details below and we will contact you within business hours.