Scott Got His Confidence Back with BRIO® from Hans Wiemann


At Hans Wiemann, we offer innovative hair replacement and hair restoration programs to help you look the way you want and give you the results you need. When you are in search of effective hair restoration products for men and women, Hans Wiemann is your source for non-surgical hair replacement solutions. We provide Brio® hair replacement systems that allow you to live your life with the hair you have always dreamed of. Scott, an actual Hans Wiemann Brio® client shared his hair restoration experience with Brio® hair replacement systems.

Scott had been battling hair loss for nearly 20 years and decided it was time to find a permanent solution to the problem. After looking into many solutions, Scott decided to choose Brio® with Hans Wiemann because of their household name in hair restoration in the St. Louis area. Scott was looking for a solution that would provide the most natural appearance available. That’s where Brio® came in.

“The modern technology has transitioned over the years and I felt like Hans is the cutting edge of technology for the most natural-looking solution. The results give me confidence when I’m in a room full of people or when I’m around women. I look forward to getting up in the morning and combing my hair, styling my hair and doing different things with it that I wasn’t able to do for many years. Without Hans Wiemann, I’d be bald, I’d be losing my hair, and I’d be self-conscious and still looking for solutions.”

Brio® is the most natural-looking hair replacement system in the world. Its light, transparent and breathable design can be easily styled the way you want it. We can customize your Brio® system to meet the exact specifications that you desire so that it may be seamlessly incorporated into your daily life. You can regain the confidence you have been looking for with Brio®, from Hans Wiemann. “I started losing my hair in high school and never really thought I would get it back. Since visiting Hans Wiemann, I’ve got it back. I’ve got it more natural looking than it ever was and that gives me the flexibility and confidence that I’ve been looking for for many years.”

You can regain the confidence you once had when you take advantage of Brio® and the many other hair replacement systems offered by the skilled medical professionals at Hans Wiemann. To learn more about non-surgical hair replacement or any of the other men’s hair restoration products Hans Wiemann offers, contact us today at 1-800.608.1233 or visit our website at www.hanshairloss.com. You don’t have to settle for hair loss anymore. Schedule a complimentary hair and scalp analysis to see which hair restoration option best fits you and your needs.

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