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Hans Wiemann is one of a select few clinics in the U.S that offers the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure. This hair loss solution has revolutionized the way the industry performs hair transplants, offering pinpoint accuracy and precision far beyond human capabilities as well as consistently natural-looking results in a straightforward virtually pain-free procedure.

Hair transplants move healthy donor hair follicle groupings to areas of the scalp where hair loss has occurred. Robotic Hair Transplants have systematically improved this process providing medical professionals scientific accuracy without an incision. The ARTAS® system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to accurately map the coordinates, angle and orientation of each follicle grouping.

Afterwards, the system harvests the donor hair follicles and redistributes them to the target problem area. Your hair follicles continue to grow gradually in their new location providing a fuller, thicker head of hair without any linear scarring, giving the illusion that no procedure has occurred!

Robotic Hair Transplants are among the most technologically advanced hair restoration procedures available offering distinct advantages over other procedures. The results of the ARTAS® procedure are permanent. The procedure is minimally invasive, requiring no scalp incision. The procedure creates no linear scars and most importantly, the procedure is faster than traditional hair transplant procedures and requires less recovery time.

Some of our clients wish to share their experiences in the hopes that it might provide insight to what Hans Wiemann can offer them. Brian, an actual ARTAS® client, shared his story with us and since his procedure has made a significant lifestyle change.

Brian started losing his hair and began researching various hair restoration facilities and noticed the large number of options Hans Wiemann offers. Brian was interested in the ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplant procedure because of its use of cutting-edge technology. “I was at a spot where my hair was kind of spotty, thin in certain areas but thick in another area so transplanting the hair I had into those locations seemed a better fit for me.”

When asked how he feels now, Brian had this to say: “I feel much better. Actually my hair growing back has made me want to take better care of myself. I’ve actually lost 20 pounds in the last three months. Looking younger, I’ve actually started doing things to make myself feel younger as well.”

At Hans Wiemann, we are dedicated to helping you restore your own growing hair to the look you want. Getting your hair back can be the start of a brand new you from your looks to your lifestyle.

Let us be that start. Call Hans Wiemann at (314) 721-2083 or visit our website at www.hanswiemann.com/male-solutions/male-artas-robotic-fue/ to learn more about the ARTAS® procedure and see if Robotic Hair Transplants are right solution for you.

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