Rachel’s Laser Hair Therapy Procedure: From Short Hair to Long Hair!

Concerned over her increasingly thin hair, Rachel explored her hair restoration options and discovered FDA approved Laser Hair Therapy. Check out her video testimonial to learn about the impact that restoring her hair has had on her life now and see her amazing results.

According to Rachel, “When I started my treatments, my hair was shorter and did not grow. Now that I am receiving the treatment, it’s actually grown and I have a pony tail and for that I am thankful. I enjoy that I have long hair.”

Laser Hair Therapy is one of the latest hair loss solutions available today. At Hans Wiemann, our Laser Hair Therapy treatment program provides low-level lasers that revitalize the hair follicles by improving blood circulation. This aids in the production of the nutrients that are needed to create a healthier environment for you hair. Laser Hair Therapy can not only help regrow your hair, but also help it become stronger and thicker.

Laser BanWith over 50 years of providing hair restoration services, Hans Wiemann has always provided technology that facilitates and provides convenience to our clients. We are proud to introduce the Laser Band, a new convenient way to stimulate hair growth at home. With its 82 medical grade lasers and patented hair parted teeth, the Laser Band delivers low-level energy evenly through each parted section of the scalp. This FDA approved technology is clinically proven to regrow your hair and is available now to pick up at Hans Wiemann.

The Laser Band, used in conjunction with our Gen-Tecs products and in our Restorative Center, gives you the state of the art solutions for your thinning hair.

To learn more about Hans Wiemann restorative hair services, visit us at www.hanswiemann.com or call 877-495-7770. Read client testimonials and schedule your First Hair and Scalp Analysis, Free of charge. To learn more about the Laser Band, visit www.hairmax.com. Don’t wait, discover your opportunities with hair at Han Wiemann.

Disclaimer: As with all procedures, results may vary.  Whether or not these procedures will have the intended results will be determined in your private evaluation with your hair loss consultant.

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