Bud Ford Beats the Competition with Help from Hans Wiemann


You might be surprised at how important your appearance can be even when you’re a radio host and rarely on camera. For Bud Ford, co-host of Bud and Broadway on WIL, this has a been a real concern. According to Bud, “We’re in a battle with young versus old and all these new kids are in fresh out of college. My challenge is to remain ahead of them. If I’m prematurely balding, the odds are against me.”

Recently, Bud decided to restore his hair and he chose Hans Wiemann. Bud explained his decision as, “They know their business. They’re number one at it…I wanted to work with the best to make sure I get the best result.”

Bud elected to have an ARTAS® Robotic FUE Hair Transplant. Hans Wiemann is one of only a select group of Centers permitted to use the ARTAS® Robotic machine and the only facility within a 300 mile radius of St. Louis. Using advanced algorithms, the ARTAS® Robot maps out the area of your scalp and identifies, then harvests, the healthiest hairs from your scalp. A Doctor then transplants these healthy hairs into the balding areas the client is looking to improve, in the hairs’ natural growth pattern, allowing for a completely natural looking result.

Out of several hair restoration procedures available at Hans Wiemann, Bud has related that he chose ARTAS® due to “One: I have no sutures; Two: I have no scarring; Three: I have very minimal to virtually no pain and most importantly I’m back at work in no time.”

Follow Bud’s Hair Restoration journey on our website at www.HansHairLoss.com, or follow Hans Wiemann on Facebook. Bud is also providing updates on his growth progress on the Bud & Broadway Show on WIL and on the Bud & Broadway Show’s Facebook page. Watch Bud shave his head live on 92.3 WIL to prepare for his procedure here!

Hans Wiemann is dedicated to providing the highest quality, state-of-the-art hair restoration procedures available, executed by our world-renowned surgeon and highly-trained technicians. On top of our state of the art ARTAS® Robotic FUE hair transplants, we offer non-surgical procedures and treatments such as our completely natural and breathable Brio® hair replacement for men and women. Other effective hair loss solutions include our 3-Step Restorative Treatment Program with a stimulating scalp massage, Laser Hair Therapy and our personal Dermatologist designed Gen-Tecs pharmaceutical grade hair products. To schedule your FREE, private hair and scalp analysis with one of our highly-trained technicians call 1-888-608-1233 and find the solution that’s best for you! For more information visit www.hanswiemann.com.

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