Seasonal Hair Loss

pretty-woman-1509959_1920Extreme weather can be annoying for a number of reasons. It may hinder your plans, raise your electric/gas bill, and result in health and safety issues. One association you may not make with extreme weather is the process of hair loss.

Far from an old wives tale, there is actually a common phenomenon known as seasonal hair loss. So, if you’ve noticed more hair falling out than usual in the shower or when brushing your hair, you’re not imagining it and you’re not alone. When hair is exposed to extreme weather conditions, like the extreme heat in the months of July and August, higher rates of telogen are seen, typically in women. Telogen is a resting phase for the hair follicle, making it much more susceptible to breaking and falling out. The extreme conditions can cause up to 70 percent of your hair follicles to enter this phase much earlier than they normally would.

This is no cause for concern, for as we said this is a common phenomenon during July and August. This doesn’t mean you’re losing your hair or unhealthy, and you should probably just go about your normal routine. Since this is just a normal reaction, as hair is falling out there is also new hair growing. So you may lose a little bit more during these months, and occasionally during weather changes in late autumn, but you’ll hair replacing it in no time.

If you start noticing hair loss in patterns or in very specific areas however, this may be something other than seasonal hair loss. If you’re noticing any of these signs and would like a free consultation, contact Hans Wiemann at 1-877-495-7770 or on our website, HansWiemann.com. We’re your trusted resource for hair restoration for women and men in the St. Louis area.

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