Pregnancy Hair Loss Myths

Though hair loss is perfectly explainable, it is often surrounded by a lot of rumor and mystery. One rumor we’d like to dispel is that being pregnant can lead to hair loss. This is not only false, but also largely the opposite of what happens. Most women may experience hair changes during pregnancy, but they say it’s never looked better! On average people lose somewhere around 100 strands of hair each and every pregnant woman in fieldday, but when pregnant, this normal daily shedding doesn’t happen, leaving those expecting with luscious, thick hair.

There’s also a misconception that hair growth is slowed during pregnancy. Again, the opposite tends to be true and increased hair growth is more of the norm for pregnant women. And, the hair strands frequently grow in thicker and plumper, leaving most pregnant women with a full, healthy, and thick head of hair.

Hair loss related to pregnancy that is common and you may experience occurs after giving birth. The excess hormones in the body during pregnancy not only affect hair growth but also make nail growth more rapid, and after pregnancy your body begins to regulate. This will mean your nails may become soft and brittle for a little bit and you will lose the hair you retained during pregnancy when you weren’t shedding hair daily. So, while pregnancy hair loss is a myth, you may experience some increased shedding after giving birth, which is completely normal.

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