Winter Hair Care

woman in winterOne of the best ways to fight hair loss is by taking care of your hair so you have healthy follicles and a healthy scalp. This can become more difficult as the temperatures drop and our skin and hair begins to dry out more frequently, which is why there are certain precautions you should take during the oncoming winter months. We’re here to help, so here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and happy through the oncoming winter.

Protect it from the elements
One incredibly important way to keep your hair healthy during the winter is by making sure you shield it from the elements when you are outdoors. So, throw a hat or scarf around your head when you go outside and be sure to wash your hair thoroughly with a good shampoo to avoid build up that can occur from wearing hats too frequently.

Avoid Styling
You should avoid over-styling your hair year round, but it becomes even more important during the winter. Your hair and skin will already be more susceptible to drying out because of the cold and too much usage of heat styling will dehydrate your hair even further.

Don’t leave with wet hair
Take the time in the morning to ensure your hair is fully dry before stepping outside, as you risk significant breakage in temperatures below freezing.

It’s important to pay attention to your hair’s health during the winter because it will be more susceptible to damage during colder months. But, if you take our advice and are vigilant when it comes to maintaining your hair’s health, you should make it out of winter with happy, healthy hair. If you do find yourself experiencing more abnormal hair loss during the winter, and are in need of hair restoration for women or men, contact the professionals at HansWiemann.com, your trusted resource for hair restoration and solutions.

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