Restorative Treatment for Thinning or Receding Hair

Until it becomes an issue, we often take our hair for granted. While we know someday our hair will thin, recede or completely fall out, no one is ever truly prepared for it to happen to them. But, before your hair gets too thin, or recedes too drastically, there are steps you can take to help minimize loss and help rebuild and restore your own natural hair. Before hair replacement becomes your only option, you should consider the 3-Step Restorative Hair Treatment Program at Hans Weimann.

Our three step plan starts with scalp stimulation, which is a relaxing scalp massage that promotes effective blood circulation. Step two utilizes one of the most powerful cosmetic lasers, the Alpha Laser. This safe, low-level light helps heal the cells and hair shafts, allowing for thicker, healthier hair to grow. The final step in our treatment program is to stimulate hair growth with medical grade Minoxidil. Specifically designed for our clientele by our own board certified Dermatologist, Gen-Tecs hair and scalp products will give you visibly healthier hair and improve your scalp.

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