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Promote Health Hair With These Five Foods

Healthy hair starts from the inside out. Whether you’ve got a full head of hair, or your starting to bald or thin with the possibility of laser hair loss therapy in your future, eating a diet rich in the right foods can help give you silky, smooth, and stronger hair. Don’t be fooled by the many shampoos and conditioners that claim to give your hair all the care it needs. Many products from nature contain nutrients that maintain the health and vitality of your hair. Try adding some of these foods to your diet to encourage healthy, strong hair.

  1. Salmon – Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon are essential for the growth and maintenance of your hair. Our body doesn’t make these healthy fats, so you need to take them in through food or supplements.
  1. Greek Yogurt – Packed with protein and vitamin B5, Greek yogurt is a superfood and one of the most important macro-nutrients we can eat. It promotes accelerated growth and helps hair grow thicker and stronger.
  1. Leafy Greens – Pack in vitamin A, beta-carotene, and vitamin C when you eat your greens. Together, these nutrients make your hair smooth and silky. As opposed to promoting hair growth, spinach, kale, and all green leafy vegetables focus on scalp health. A healthy scalp equals a healthy mane.
  1. Eggs – Protein is key to healthy hair, so eggs are the perfect vital energy source. Eggs are rich in biotin, a crucial B vitamin, which promotes hair growth.
  1. Oysters – A lack of zinc is directly correlated with hair loss. One or two portions per week of oysters can do magic for your hair.

A healthy diet packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients your hair craves in order to grow healthy and strong will help your hair look its best. Bon appetite!


Are Stress and Hair Loss Related?

When you are under a great deal of stress or anxiety, do you feel the urge to pull your hair out figuratively? So why does it seem like when we are under pressure at work, home, or from our kids, that we notice hair falling out? Is the stress actually making it fall out? The answer may surprise you.

While we know that most forms of hair loss are passed on to us through our genes, stress, and anxiety are additional causes of hair loss. Not only do stress and anxiety play a role in hair loss, but they are linked to three conditions that can trigger you to lose hair.

Telogen Effluvium – Stress can push hair follicles into a resting phase so that they don’t produce new hair strands. Within a few months, affected hairs will start falling out suddenly when combing or washing.

Trichotillomania – This psychological condition is an irresistible urge to pull out hair from your scalp, eyebrows, or other areas of your body as a way dealing with stress, tension, loneliness, boredom, or frustration.

Alopecia Areata – In this condition, your body’s immune system attacks your hair follicles, causing hair loss.

Hair loss due to stress does not have to be permanent. If your hair loss is triggered by stress, managing your stress could be the key to regrowth. If through stress management, diet, and nutrients you don’t see improvements then it’s possible your hair loss isn’t stress related, and you could benefit from laser hair loss therapy. Contact Hans Wiemann to learn more about how laser hair loss therapy treatment can help you.

Hair Restoration with Laser Hair Therapy

Has your hair slowly begun thinning and receding? Has your hair loss led you to more than a few sleepless nights? If so, the start of this new year is the perfect opportunity to take the first steps toward resolving your hair loss issues. There has never been a better time than now to focus on you with some much-deserved self-love. Stop trying to mask the problems by covering your hair with hats or new hairstyle gimmicks. Resolve the issue with laser hair therapy which helps to promote and stimulate new hair growth.

What’s holding you back? This minimally invasive procedure means no one ever has to know you underwent a hair restoration procedure. Laser treatment for hair loss is noninvasive, painless, leaves zero side effects and works to promote hair strength and regrowth.

There’s no time like the present to stop or even perhaps reverse hair loss. Laser hair loss therapy might be the solution you’ve been too afraid to look for. Hans Weimann is a highly respected leader in the hair restoration field. Our staff is happy to set up a consultation to discuss your particular hair loss needs. Let us help you find the right solution with a free hair and scalp analysis. Call us today at 1-888-608-1233 to get started.