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Bud Ford

Bud Ford, of Bud and Broadway, on WIL wanted only the best. That'w why he choose Hans Wiemann.

“Get in touch with Hans Wiemann. Do the research like I did. You’ll find ARTAS is the top of the game…Hans Wiemann is not sitting back with the old technology..they’re reaching out finding the new technology”

WIL’s Bud Ford Got a Hair Transplant at Hans Wiemann



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Hans Wiemann’s complimentary hair and scalp analysis consultation will help you on the path to finding the right solution for you. The highly trained consultants will perform a microscopic hair and scalp analysis, which will give you the information needed to decide the right course of action for your hair. At Hans Wiemann, we offer a variety of solutions for hair restoration for women and men, and our specialists will help you decide which option is right for you.

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