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Offering innovative anti-aging treatments to prolong the natural vibrance and youth of your complexion. Let The Spa at Hans exceed your expectations with over 100 years of combined experience. Treatments tailored to your cosmetic goals for soothing and natural results. Schedule your complimentary consultation now and get 20% off your procedure! (314) 470-9759

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Personalized Skin Care & Luxurious Comfort Starts with You

Personalized Skin Care & Luxurious Comfort
Starts with You

We recognize that anti-aging procedures are a delicate matter that require patience and precise attention to detail. That’s why your med spa journey begins with an extensive analysis and evaluation of your skin. Our experts will guide you at your own pace towards a treatment tailored to your cosmetic goals. Whether you need a quick touch-up or a complete med spa experience, you can trust Hans to keep you looking young and energized with peace of mind!

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Most Effective Wrinkle Reducer

Expression lines such as forehead creases, crow’s feet, and frown lines are the first wrinkles to appear as your skin ages. Preventing wrinkles from getting deeper is key to keeping your skin smooth. Hans’ non-surgical procedure can eliminate wrinkles for skin that looks young and natural.

Lip Fillers

Plump lips are attributed to two molecules: collagen for support and elastin for stretchability.
As we grow older, the body slows production of these proteins, making lips appear flat and dull.

Bring back fullness and definition to your lips with lip fillers by Hans!


Acne scars are caused by inflammation from acne blemishes and become more visible with age because the skin produces less collagen. RejuvaPEN is an FDA-approved microneedling treatment to remove acne scars, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, shrink pores, and stimulate circulation of blood to bring back elasticity and fullness.


PRP facials are the latest breakthrough in the med spa industry. The treatment involves using plasma-rich platelets from your own blood to revitalize your skin by increasing production of collagen. These can be used to compliment our other treatments for a complete rejuvenation experience.

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Prevent Wrinkles With Hans Med Spa

Preventative skin care is the only way to sustain smooth, clear skin as you age. When left untreated, fine lines and wrinkles can deepen to create permanent creases and pigmentation issues. Starting your skin care early ensures results that look natural to age gracefully. Schedule your complimentary consultation today! (314) 470-9759

Get 20% off your First Med Spa Experience*

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*20% off offer valid for purchases on day of consultation.