August 2017

Why a Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment Can Help You

Platelet Rich Plasma TreatmentScience has brought many great developments when it comes to the world of hair restoration. Hans Wiemann, a dedicated provider of hair restoration solutions, offers a wide array of modern treatments for your needs, including platelet rich plasma – or PRP – treatments. If you have thinning hair, you should pay attention to this process.

This process works by using platelets in your blood to stimulate stem cells within your hair follicles. These platelets have been shown to encourage healing and new cellular growth in other parts of the body, so doctors have discovered that it can be used to help usher inactive and new hair follicles into a new growth phase. There are no guarantees to be made with this process, but it’s one of the many unique and exciting non-surgical options that are available for both men and women.

You may think that hair loss is inevitable, but it’s not! When you come to Hans Wiemann, we will talk to you about your needs, providing a free hair and scalp analysis to discover what treatments we think will work best for you. Everyone is a candidate for a plasma rich platelet treatment, so contact us today at (888) 608-1233 to request additional information about the services we provide.

Artas Hair Transplants and You

ARTAS Hair Transplant | HansWiemann.comAre you thinking about receiving an ARTAS hair transplant? Here are a few of the benefits of this amazing transplant service:

Quick Healing Time – One of the biggest benefits of this process is that it’s minimally invasive and there is a quick healing time. Within about three days, you’ll be healed and may see a few small scabs. These scabs are not terribly obvious and will generally come off in about a few days. Additionally, because it is different than other hair transplant services, there is no scaring.

Custom Results – The ARTAS system is unique in that it analyzes distinct patterns of growth in your hair. Unlike other hair transplant systems, the computer will construct a natural implantation process that will be complete custom to your head.

Natural Results – One of the frustrating aspects of hair transplants is that it is an abrupt and noticeable change. When you get an ARTAS hair transplant, your hair will grow progressively and naturally to ensure that people will not notice it right away. After approximately 9 months, you will begin to see the most optimal growth.

You can count on the team at Hans Wiemann to provide you with unparalleled hair transplant services. We are proud to assist both men and women who are ready to restore and improve their hair.