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Wigs, Halos & Extensions

If you are ready to do something about your hair loss but are hesitant to proceed with a more permanent solution, wigs and halos are a great option.

Hans Wigs
Hans Wigs

At Hans Wiemann, you can change your hair as often as you would change your outfit with our wide selection of wigs and halos.

Our wigs are fully styled and come in all different lengths and shades. For less of a drastic — but still impactful — change, our halos attach to your head with a small, undetectable band, enhancing your current hair’s volume and blending in seamlessly.​

Who can benefit from Wigs, Halos or Extensions?

Schedule a Wig, Halo or Extension consultation to see if this non-surgical solution is right for you. ​

Wig & Halo Benefits:

Hans Wigs

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