Hans Wiemann ARTAS-Logo Hair Transplants

Most men and women that have experienced hair loss want nothing more than to get back their own natural hair, but finding the right solution can be confusing and intimidating. Here at Hans Wiemann, we will help you determine if hair transplantation is the best option for you. As dedicated St. Louis hair transplant specialists, we provide two methods of hair transplants: the traditional Strip Method and the latest advancement in hair transplantation, the ARTAS® Hair Transplant System.

The ARTAS-Logo Robotic System Technology Overview

There are a number of factors you should consider when looking into receiving an ARTAS hair transplant procedure, but the most important are the expertise and specialization of the staff, whether or not they are using the latest technology, and whether that technology is being properly utilized.

At Hans Wiemann, we have some of the most experienced staff in the country performing our robotic hair transplant process. We use only the latest, advanced technology when providing hair restoration for women and men. Only the best procedures, such as the ARTAS hair restoration process, with the greatest benefits are acceptable for our clients.

We want to help find the right solution for you, so contact us for a free hair and scalp analysis and to learn if the ARTAS hair restoration service will work for your needs. Our St. Louis hair transplant specialists work with both men and women.