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Bi-Annual Hans Wiemann Hair Restoration Giveaway

Janet After close

In 2015, Hans Wiemann was happy to give away free hair restoration to two deserving recipients in the community. Janet Ivory is the first winner chosen to receive a new Hair Restoration System from Hans Wiemann.

“I was very excited and happy when I received the call” – Janet

Janet lost her hair at an early age after she underwent a hysterectomy at 27 to remove nine Fibroid tumors.  She started taking hormone pills to help  with hair growth, but had to stop taking them after blood clots started to form.  Janet is  now 63 and has worn wigs and hair weaves with little success. Having a permanent solution in place was always her dream. In her letter, Janet wrote, “Nothing would give me more confidence than to have something that looks and feels like my real hair .”


After coming in for her initial consultation, Janet chose the Brio® Hair Replacement System. Brio®  is the most natural, non-surgical hair system in the world.  The light, transparent and breathable system uses only the highest quality 100% European human hair available.  Clients are able to have their hair system customized to their exact specifications, including color, texture and style.


“I love having a permanent attachment.  It’s like having my own real hair.” – Janet

The next Hair Restoration Giveaway will be held on August 5th. If you would like to tell Hans Wiemann your hair loss story or nominate a deserving friend or family member to be the next recipient of a FREE Hans Wiemann Hair Replacement System or Restorative Hair & Scalp Treatment Program, email us at Hair1@hanswiemann.com.