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Hans Wiemann Offers 3-Step Alpha Laser Treatment Hair Loss Program


As one of the Midwest’s leading hair restoration facilities, Hans Wiemann provides some of the most technologically advanced hair restoration solutions for men and women of all types and degrees of hair loss. Hans Wiemann proudly offers our 3-Step Laser Hair Treatment Program that combines cutting-edge laser hair therapy with clinically-proven pharmaceutical grade hair care products to revive and restore thin or damaged hair and promote new hair growth. Our procedure works in three simple steps. Though each case of hair loss is unique, your treatment will follow these steps, but will be tailored to your needs based on your individual hair and scalp analysis.

Hair Treatment Program and Alpha Laser Treatment

Step One: Scalp Stimulation

The first step in our laser hair growth procedure is a scalp massage. Massaging the scalp allows blood to circulate more freely and lays the foundation for future treatment. This makes your scalp more receptive to laser therapy and the application of our pharmaceutical grade products.

Step Two: Alpha Laser Treatment

The second step utilizes some of the most technologically advanced hair restoration equipment available: a Low Level Alpha Laser. The Alpha Laser is the most powerful cosmetic laser that is clinically tested and approved for treating thinning or damaged hair. The laser delivers safe levels of light that help to heal damaged skin cells and hair shafts, resulting in a thicker, fuller, healthier-looking head of hair.

Step Three: Pharmaceutical Grade Hair Care Products

The third step is to stimulate hair growth with the application of our pharmaceutical grade products, including Minoxidil. These products have been hand-chosen by Hans Wiemann’s expert team of medical professionals to provide optimal healing by delivering the vitamins and nutrients your hair and scalp need to maintain the work done by the Alpha Laser.

Are you ready to reach your hair restoration goals with a program built just for you? Don’t settle for thinning or damaged hair. Call Hans Wiemann at 1-888-608-1233 or visit us at www.HansHairLoss.com to schedule your FREE confidential hair and scalp analysis today. If Laser Hair Therapy isn’t the best fit for your needs, we have several other options available to give you the results you desire.

“Your Trusted Resource for Hair Restoration and Solutions”

For over 58 years, people have been trusting Hans Wiemann to find the solution to their hair problem. By utilizing the latest technology, we provide a wide range of hair restoration solutions that really work. Many of us here at Hans Wiemann know what it feels like to lose our hair. We offer the latest in hair restoration solutions for males, females, and ethnic hair. Our treatments include Brio® Non-Medical Hair Replacement System, The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplantation System, and Hans Medical Hair Loss Solutions Program. Our hair restoration team has more than 700 years of combined hair care experience and can provide a variety of hair care services to have you looking your best.

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