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Hans Wiemann Offers BRIO® Hair Replacement for Women

barb-2Hair loss is an unfortunate experience that most women deal with in some degree for several reasons. Some women are genetically predisposed to experiencing hair loss. For others, hair loss can be the result of a medical condition such as alopecia or chemotherapy. After persevering through medical challenges, experiencing hair loss can be difficult to cope with, but it no longer has to be. At Hans Wiemann, we offer a series of advanced hair restoration procedures for female hair loss that use only the most cutting-edge technology in order to give our clients the highest-quality hair loss treatment available. We work to help restore your hair to its natural, beautiful state.

At Hans Wiemann, we take great pride in treating our clients with the utmost care in order to deliver results that will help them regain their confidence. We’ll perform a FREE hair and scalp analysis to determine the degree and type of your hair loss and recommend a hair loss solution that is custom tailored to your individual needs. Some of our clients are so satisfied with their results that they couldn’t wait to share their Hans Wiemann experiences with the world! Barbara, a BRIO® client shared her journey with us.

Barbara began to experience hair loss when she began a new medication. An unfortunate side effect of this medication was hair loss. Barbara was worried her hair wouldn’t grow back after she quit using the medication. That’s when she sought help from Hans Wiemann for her unique hair loss solution. In finding her solution, Barbara was welcomed with open arms by our professional staff and feels that the sincerity in their approach to her hair loss has made them feel like family. Now, Barbara feels confident and says that other women have told her that she looks younger! Hans Wiemann gave Barbara the results she was looking for. You too, can get the results you want with a hair loss solution fit just for you and your needs.

At Hans Wiemann, we take a three-pronged approach to hair loss offering several surgical and non-surgical hair loss solutions for women. For Barbara, that solution was BRIO®. Brio® is a unique non-invasive hair replacement that requires absolutely no surgery. It’s a versatile, breathable hair replacement that can be styled just to your liking. It’s so seamless that even upon close inspection appears to come directly from the scalp. Whether it’s due to medical reasons or natural damage over time, Brio® is the perfect solution that can turn thin or damaged hair into the full head of hair that you desire.

To find out if Brio® Hair Replacement is perfect for you and your needs, call Hans Wiemann today at 1-888-608-1233 or visit www.HansHairLoss.com to schedule your FREE hair and scalp analysis today!

“Your Trusted Resource for Hair Restoration and Solutions”

For over 58 years, people have been trusting Hans Wiemann to find the solution to their hair problem. By utilizing the latest technology, we provide a wide range of hair restoration solutions that really work. Many of us here at Hans Wiemann know what it feels like to lose our hair. We offer the latest in hair restoration solutions for males, females, and ethnic hair. Our treatments include Brio® Non-Medical Hair Replacement System, The ARTAS® Robotic Hair Transplantation System, and Hans Medical Hair Loss Solutions Program. Our hair restoration team has more than 700 years of combined hair care experience and can provide a variety of hair care services to have you looking your best.

Disclaimer: These solutions may not work for you.