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Advantages of ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant

bald manHans Wiemann is lucky to be one of few chosen facilities that offer the advanced ARTAS robotic hair transplant procedure. This procedure is open to any gender and has completely revolutionized the hair transplant process because ARTAS robotic transplants are minimally-invasive while at the same time providing mathematical accuracy and precision to ensure consistent results. The procedure consists of taking follicle groupings from healthy parts of the scalp and then placing them in areas that are experiencing hair loss. And, new technology in digital imaging has allowed us to determine with mathematical precision the density and distribution of the follicular units in order to make the process as efficient as possible. Besides the obvious benefits from using new technology, we’ve outlined other, more specific advantages in choosing to undergo an ARTAS hair restoration procedure.

  • Since the procedure uses cutting edge technology and digital imaging, there are no scalpels, stitches or staples required for the procedure.
  • Being minimally-invasive means scarring that often occurs with other forms of transplants will not take place!
  • The lack of incision and stitches also means the recovery period is shorter than other more invasive procedures.
  • The results are permanent since the follicular units that were not growing are being replaced with healthy ones!

Hair loss can be a harsh and annoying reality for many people, but ARTAS robotic hair transplants makes that easier and less stressful to change. To learn more about ARTAS hair restoration and the other procedures and treatments we offer, visit HansWiemann.com today.