Restorative Techniques for You

IMG_2015Finding help with hair restoration in St. Louis starts with Hans Wiemann! Our team has years of experience providing exceptional treatment programs for individuals who want to improve their hair after dealing with issues relating to scalp conditions and damaged hair. We are offering a three-step program that can help you!

The first step of this program is a relaxing scalp stimulation massage. This massage helps promote blood circulation and makes your scalp more receptive to steps two and three. Additionally, it’s just a great way to help you relax and feel nice! Once the stimulation massage is complete, we provide laser treatments that heal your hair shafts and cells, giving you thicker hair. Last, but not least, we provide pharmaceutical-grade products from Gen-Tecs that are made to treat problematic scalp conditions. Through each of these steps, you’ll notice that you’ll have a better head of hair and begin to have more confidence in your life!

Don’t wait to receive our services. Hans Wiemann provides free scalp and hair analysis services for people who want to restore their thinning or damaged hair. We have experience providing services to women and men, as well as offering unparalleled African American hair restoration services.