Suffering from hair loss can be embarrassing or even lead to you feeling unwanted or unconfident. Whether you are noticing a receding hair line or have bald patches due to an immune disorder, it can be difficult dealing with covering it up.

While some may resort to wigs or other hair coverings, there are options if you notice your hair starting to thin or fall out. Don’t go through life feeling less than your best because of hair loss. PRP therapy is a natural and effective way of reducing hair loss and replenishing hair that has already fallen out. If you’re just starting to notice your hair thinning, now is the time act. Our easy procedures are nearly painless and use your body’s natural makeup to help stimulate hair growth.

PRP Therapy Is Designed for Men and Women

Hair loss doesn’t just affect men. Women all over the world also suffer from thinning hair or hair loss. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find a treatment designed to treat all types of hair loss. However with Hans Wiemann, you won’t be lacking options. Our PRP therapy is designed for both male and female hair loss. Whether you’re thinning on top or need to regrow most of your hair, we can help.

PRP stands for platelet rich plasma and is part of your body’s own blood. This means it’s natural and not filled with artificial hair stimulators. The process of PRP therapy is easy. We’ll draw blood and then use our high-tech equipment to separate the platelets.

From there, our PRP injection involves minimal discomfort. We’ll inject the platelets into the areas that need help with regrowth. The platelets will release enzymes that help heal your tissue and the hair follicle. The procedure is fast and efficient with most patients leaving in just an hour. Plus, you’ll notice results in as little as three months!

Don’t suffer from hair loss any longer. Make the choice to change your hair with PRP therapy.