New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Hair Part 1

red new years fireworksThe curtain has closed on 2016 and it’s finally the New Year! A majority of people find themselves ringing in the year by making resolutions in an attempt to live a happier, healthier life. This “new year, new me” mindset can help people take control of something they’re unhappy about and turn it around for the better. Our St. Louis hair transplant specialists are here to help you with a couple of New Year’s resolutions that will focus your attention on the health of your follicles and maintain that healthy hair all year.

Change up your hairstyle – Not sticking with the same hairstyle everyday can help you refresh your look this year and it can also positively affect your hair’s health. Certain common hairstyles, like a sleek ponytail, can actually cause a specific kind of hair loss. This is because the stress on your hair can cause fallout and many pony tail holders cause breakage. Changing your hairstyle keeps you from putting the same stress on your hair day after day.

Pay attention to ingredients – Common ingredients in a lot of hair products can actually strip your hair of vital nutrients and end up harming your hair. It’s important to pay attention to ingredients in your favorite products to look for beneficial ingredients like keratin, pro-vitamin B, and argan oil, and to avoid any products that will leave your hair damaged.

Keep an eye out for more resolution tips from our St. Louis hair transplant specialists to help keep your hair at its healthiest in 2017!