Brio® Hair Replacement Systems


When you are in search of effective men’s hair restoration products, Hans Wiemann is your source for non-surgical hair replacement solutions. We provide Brio® hair replacement systems that allow you to live your life with the hair of your dreams. This non-surgical hair replacement is the answer you’ve been looking for all this time.

Brio® is the most natural-looking men’s hair restoration system in the world. Its light, transparent and breathable design is easily styled to the way you want it. At Hans Wiemann, we can customize your Brio® system to meet the exact specifications you desire so that it is seamlessly incorporated into your daily life.

Finally regain the confidence you once had when you take advantage of the hair replacement systems offered by the skilled stylists here at Hans Wiemann. To learn more about non-surgical hair replacement like Brio® or the other men’s hair restoration products offered, contact us today. We’ll schedule your free hair and scalp analysis and get you well on your way to the hair you’ve been dreaming of!

Brio® Before & Afters

Click on photos to enlarge image. View the full gallery here! All photos of hair and hairlines are not retouched.