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Take advantage of the latest technology in hair loss treatment at Hans Wiemann

Female Solutions

Women have trusted Hans Wiemann for decades to help restore hair loss of all kinds. We offer many hair restoration solutions such as RestorInk, Laser, ARTAS, & Brio (non-surgical hair system). Feel confident again with hair solutions from Hans Wiemann!


Male Solutions

Men’s hair loss is difficult to accept. But, at Hans Wiemann we have the expertise, artistry and technology to help restore your hair. We offer many hair restoration solutions such as RestorInk, ARTAS, Laser & Brio (non-surgical hair system). Trust our team to give you the attention and advanced skills necessary to bring your hair back to its handsome form.


Is the Artas Robotic Transplant Procedure Right for You?

Hair transplant procedures have been revolutionized by ARTAS® Hair Transplant Center’s robotic hair transplant services. Since robotic hair transplants are the most advanced hair restoration procedure available, they provide distinct advantages over other more invasive transplant procedures.

Hans Wiemann is one of the few chosen clinics in the U.S. to offer this ARTAS® robotic hair transplant technology.

Robotic hair transplants provide mathematical accuracy and prevision as well as consistent results all in a minimally invasive procedure.

Is Laser Treatment Right For You?

Enjoy a relaxing scalp massage that promotes effective blood circulation. This massage service makes your scalp more receptive to laser therapy, as well as the application of our advanced hair restoration products.With these products, you’ll be able to have visibly healthier hair and improve your scalp. EXT: Extremen Hair Therapy products designed specifically to treat problematic scalp conditions.

We utilize one of the most powerful cosmetic lasers, the Alpha Laser, which is medically tested and approved for treating thin, damaged hair.

Our treatment program is designed to stimulate hair growth with the highest quality products available, including medical grade Minoxidil.

We are proud to offer EXT: Extreme Hair Therapy products, our new hair & scalp line designed specifically to treat problematic scalp conditions.
EXT: Extreme Hair Therapy products are available exclusively at Hans Wiemann

So, what are you waiting for?

Located right off of N. Lindbergh Blvd. at the intersection of Bauer Blvd. and Andes Blvd., Hans Wiemann is conveniently situated near the heart of St. Louis but tucked away for your privacy.


1266 Andes Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63132

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