Healthy Spring Hair

younger mens hair restorationIt’s finally spring, a season of transition and renewal! And what better to renew this spring than your hair, which has been feeling the harsh effects of winter for months? Take this spring to help rehabilitate unhealthy hair with some of the following steps:


This is an important step to maintaining healthy locks year round. Even if you want to grow your hair out long, the only way to get rid of damaged ends and prevent them from splitting farther up is to get regular trims.

Don’t Over-Shampoo

After a harsh, cold winter, the last thing your hair needs is something that’s going to dry it out. Shampooing daily can lead to dull and dry hair. If you need something in-between washes, consider a cleansing conditioner that will help hydrate your hair while gently cleansing your scalp.

Put Down the Blow-dryer

It can be bad to leave the house with bad hair during the winter, both for you overall health and for the health of your hair, so sometimes the heat of a blow-dryer is necessary. However, now that it’s warmer, give your hair a break from the high temperatures that can be damaging and figure out a natural style that works for you.

By focusing on rejuvenating your hair and scalp now, you can help combat hair loss later on. However, if you are experiencing any form of accelerated hair loss or are looking for solutions for women and men’s hair restoration, contact HansWiemann.com to discuss your options.

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