Hans Wiemann Introduces Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

Cutting Edge Procedure Stimulates Dormant Hair Follicles and Produces New Growth


Hans Wiemann, the trusted source for hair restoration and solutions, is pleased to announce that they are now offering the new Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. This scientific, breakthrough treatment takes a person’s own platelets and re-injects them into the scalp to stimulate new hair growth.

PRP is a minimally invasive procedure that helps initiate the regenerative process by utilizing the growth factors that platelets are known to contain. PRP has been used by physicians as an advanced treatment to help repair damaged or injured tissues in the human body. The results of PRP treatment on the scalp have shown a natural stimulation of growth factors towards the treated area. A stand-alone treatment has been shown to help men and women with pattern hair loss. In some cases, PRP treatments have made finer hairs thicker, growing new hair and increasing density and strength.

“We are constantly looking for new scientific, pain-free treatments to provide men and women the best options for preventing or halting hair loss,” said Tim Pfeiffer, President and Owner of Hans Wiemann. “It’s a natural procedure where we are seeing great results. We want people to start thinking about Hans Wiemann if they are looking for natural, healthier solutions to hair loss.”

The PRP treatment may occasionally cause minor swelling near the injected areas. However, there are no known side effects of PRP as the procedure is autologous as the platelets come from the patient. This also reduces the risk of rejection or an allergic reaction.

Hans Wiemann is one of only a few locations in the U.S. to offer this breakthrough treatment. For more information or to schedule a free consultation please go to www.HansWiemann.com, or call (314) 721-6657.Hans Wiemann, it’s all about the Science. 

About Hans Wiemann

Today at Hans Wiemann it’s all about the Science. Hans Wiemann is one of the world’s leading hair restoration facilities, helping people for over 50 years with the highest quality, state-of-art hair restoration processes available including: Brio non-surgical hair systems, 3-step hair loss treatment program featuring Alpha Laser treatments, Scalp Stimulation, and Pharmaceutical Grade Products. Hans Wiemann is one of the select centers to offer the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant Procedure; the world’s only FDA approved robotic transplant procedure.  It is minimally evasive, leaves no scars and requires no sutures, and is available only at Hans Wiemann within a 300 mile radius.