Hair Loss FAQs Part 2

artas robotic hair transplantIf you suddenly find your hair thinning or balding, you’re going to have a lot of questions. Unfortunately, sometimes these questions don’t have cut and dry answers and it may take a consultation with professionals to fully come to some definite answers. However, we can help you get some answers in the meantime. In a previous blog post, we began answering some frequently asked questions regarding hair thinning and hair loss. Read on below for more.

What are the most common causes of hair loss?

There can be a lot of reasons a person could begin experiencing hair loss or thinning. These could even range from genetic to environmental,, though genetics is more common, specifically alopecia. Since alopecia is genetic, it cannot be prevented, but there are options to combat some of the affects. Environmental causes of hair loss can include illness or disease, medications, smoking, stress, alcohol consumption, and excess exposure to UV rays.

How can I regrow thinning/balding hair?

The viability of hair regrowth treatments depends on what caused the issue. Genetic hair loss will be less likely to be successful for hair regrowth. However, hair loss caused by lifestyle or environmental factors can often be remedied with diet changes, addressing medical problems, changing medications, or consulting with a physician.

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