Hair Loss FAQs Part 1

woman looking quizzicalWhen it comes to thinning and balding hair, there are a lot of questions and sometimes misunderstandings surrounding the natural phenomenon. It doesn’t help that there aren’t always cut and dry answers about some of those questions like “why is my hair thinning?” or “what causes baldness?” Below are some commonly asked questions about hair loss that may help you get some answers, though it’s always important to consult a specialist to know for certain.

How to thicken thinning hair?

This answer varies because thinning hair can stem from a lot of different causes: stress, diet, medications, styling, products, etc. It’s important to consider if any of these things or any illnesses would be affecting your hair’s health. If you are unable to pinpoint a part of your diet or regimen that could be causing the thinning, consult a professional.

Do home solutions/natural remedies work?

Often, diet changes or remedying any vitamin or iron deficiencies can improve the overall quantity and quality of hair growth. However, if you’re experiencing any drastic hair loss, or if your loss is genetic, this may not be a viable solution. Other unhealthy lifestyle choices can still exacerbate genetic hair loss though, so reducing stress, smoking, and alcohol consumptions, can aid in slowing the progress. For hair regrowth, the most effective options will be treatments by professionals, which can be non-surgical like laser treatment for hair loss.