Hair Restoration for Women

Most women experience some degree of hair loss in their lives for one reason or another. Sometimes this hair loss is temporary, but sometimes it can be permanent and progressive over time. This hair loss can be attributed to specific medical reasons, like Alopecia or Chemotherapy. For other women, it can be for a number of other reasons. When left untreated, it can become hard to deal with. But with the hair loss treatment for women offered by Hans Wiemann, you no longer have to worry.

Our hair restoration for women consists of a great selection of advanced hair restoration procedures. It is only through the latest technology that we are able to bring you the highest-quality of hair loss treatment for women. We work to restore your hair to its original, beautiful form.

Start to see the results you want when it comes to restoring your hair. Take advantage of the advanced hair restoration provided at our facility in St. Louis, Missouri. To find out how you can benefit from our hair restoration for women, contact us now. We’ll perform a free hair and scalp analysis to find the perfect solution for your needs!


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