Brio® Hair for Women


Brio® is so light, so transparent, and so breathable, that Brio® clients will experience the most revolutionary development in hair restoration. Brio hair services are available only at Hans Wiemann, your source for hair replacement in St. Louis! If you need just a little hair to a full head of hair, Brio® is your answer! Brio® is a versatile hair system that can be styled any way you choose and is a great choice for individuals seeking African American hair restoration services. Hear about Brio® directly from our clients and staff.

Finding dependable African American hair restoration services can be complicated, but our team of Brio hair specialists is ready to provide you with amazing options. When you are seeking hair replacement in St. Louis, the dedicated crew at our business is ready to speak to you about your needs. Schedule a free hair and scalp analysis today by calling 314-721-6657.