Coping with Seasonal Hair Loss

pexels-photoIn a previous blog we brought up the topic of seasonal hair loss. Often thought of as a myth, seasonal hair loss is a very real phenomenon that can occur during extreme weather which causes the hair to go into a phase of resting that leaves it susceptible to falling out. While this is a normal occurrence and there isn’t much need to try and prevent it, if you find yourself experiencing seasonal hair loss there are some ways of coping with it until your hair is back to its normal self.

Brush more – While this may seem like the opposite of what you want to do, it’s necessary. If more hair is falling out, it’s just going to build up in the healthy hair, so brushing more frequently will weed out the loose hairs.
Use less – Using less product is another way to ensure you’re not letting a lot of dead hair build up. Things like mousses and gels are sticky and can prevent the natural shedding process that your hair is going through.
Wear the right clothes – If your shedding follicles are showing up as a part of your wardrobe a little more frequently than you’d like, consider the clothing you’re wearing. Wearing dark clothes will help conceal darker and hair and wearing lighter clothes will help hide lighter hair. Additionally, fabric choice can make or break your hair showing up on your clothes. Fabrics that are prone to static will hold on to loose hairs, but smoother fabrics, like silk, will let them fall.
Leave your hair down – This is something you should try to practice all of the time, but especially during times when you may be losing more hair than usual. Tying your hair up in a tight ponytail or bun can damage perfectly healthy hair, so when your hair is a little more susceptible to falling out, you definitely want to leave it in more relaxed styles.

While seasonal hair loss is nothing to worry about, if your hair is coming out in worrying amounts or falling out in a patterned way, you may want to get a consultation to get to the root of the problem and determine a course of action. At Hans Wiemann, we can help you at any stage during hair loss. We offer non-surgical hair replacement options as well as ARTAS® robotic transplants – contact us today at HansWiemann.com.