4 Reasons to Consider Hair Restoration from Hans Wiemann

hair transplant St. Louis If you’re a man or woman experiencing hair loss, you may want to consider hair restoration. The science of this procedure has come a long way from the days of 4mm punch grafts during the 1950s. Hans Wiemann utilizes the latest techniques to deliver natural and optimum results. Here are four reasons to consider hair restoration from our team.

A Flawlessly Natural Look

Our advanced methods yield perfectly natural results that seamlessly blend with your native hair. For the last 3 years we have received the Mediceuticals Dermatological Scalp Hair & Skin Solutions Facility of the Year award.

We offer Brio Hair and ARTAS Robotic FUE for both men and women. With this process, hair grafts are transplanted at a direction and angle that mimics your natural hair growth. Our techniques can also conceal scars that have been left behind my previous strip harvests.

Absence of Linear Scarring

This is one of the biggest reasons our clients choose us. Our FUE technique leaves behind no visible linear scars. If you prefer to wear your hair very short, your donor area will look unaltered and perfectly untouched.

Quick Healing Process

Our patients recover in just a few days as we don’t use any sutures or scalpels. While full recovery can take an average of seven to 10 days, you’ll look and feel great as soon as you leave our offices.

Trained Professionals

Hans Wiemann has been in the hair replacement business since 1957. Winning multiple awards, our seasoned experts deliver superb results for women, men, and ethnic hair. We were voted the largest treatment center in the country and offer the best hair transplant St. Louis services.

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